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Northern Cape Climate

western cape weather

Mostly arid to semiarid, few areas in the Northern Cape province receive more than 400mm of rainfall per year. The east receives most of its rainfall from late summer thunderstorms while the west experiences most rainfall in winter. Many areas in the province experience extreme heat, with the hottest temperatures in South Africa measured along the Northern Cape and Namibian border. Summers maximums are generally 30°C or higher and sometimes higher than 40°C. Winters are usually clear and frosty, with southern areas such as Sutherland becoming bitterly cold, which often receives snow and temperatures sometimes drop below the -10°C mark.

Kimberley averages: January maximum: 33°C, June maximum: 18°C, annual precipitation: 414mm

Springbok averages: January maximum: 30°C, July maximum: 17°C, annual precipitation: 195mm

Sutherland averages: January maximum: 27°C, July maximum: 13°C, annual precipitation: 237mm

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