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Mpumalanga Geography

The Geography of the Mpumalanga province brought to you by Conference Venues South Africa including Mpumalanga's climate, location, topography, mountain ranges and weather.

geography mpumalanga

The Drakensberg Escarpment divides Mpumalanga into a westerly half consisting mainly of high-altitude grassland called the Highveld and an eastern half situated in low altitude subtropical Lowveld/Bushveld, mostly savanna habitat. The southern part of the Kruger National Park is situated in the lowveld region of the province. The Drakensberg exceeds heights of 2000m in most places with this central region of Mpumalanga being very mountainous, while the Lowveld is relatively flat with scattered rocky outcrops. The Lebombo Mountains is a low range in the east of Mpumalanga, forming the border with Mozambique.

Some of the oldest rocks on earth are to be found in the Barberton area of Mpumalanga. The Lowveld region of the province is underlaid by African Cratonic Basement rocks which date in excess of 2 billion years. The Highveld region is generally Karoo Sequence sedimentary rocks of a younger, Carboniferous to Permian age.

Mpumalanga  borders the following districts: Gaza Province, Maputo Province, both in Mozambique and: Lubombo, Hoho, Manizni, Shisewleni Districts of Swaziland


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