Sep 032013

The Annual Congress of the Division Biological Sciences will be held at  the University of Pretoria on 16 October 2013. It offers established scientists, and young biologists in particular, the opportunity to report on their research. This is done by making poster presentations or delivering papers. The topic of the presentation is the biodiversity of living organisms and everything that relates to this.


Learning Outcomes

Biodiversity of living organisms in the fields of human health, agriculture and biology will be addressed.

Who should attend

Young biologists and Established scientists.

Course Content

If you want to make a contribution in the form of an article or poster presentation, Management would like to receive the title and a brief summary in English and Afrikaans of the intended presentation.

Format of the Afrikaans summary is as follows: A title followed by the author’s name, the institution of the author and email address of the author. The person presenting on the day must be indicated by an asterisk. The body of the summary should consist of the following sections: Introduction, Material & Methods, Results & Discussion and should not exceed 600 words.

The English summary should consist of a title and a brief description not exceeding 50 words. These documents can be sent to the congress organiser by email to reach us by 13 September 2013.

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