Apr 072014

The NORTH SOUTH EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP FORUM held from the 21st to the 25th of April at the Lombardy Estate Boutique Hotel in Pretoria, is an international exchange learning platform re-assessing the type of communication and new educational partnerships; The rapid global shifts in the distribution and production of open and distance learning (ODL); and the shifting patterns  of education policies and how these impacts on ODL.



The Forum will contain trainings that will determine the emerging dynamics and improved working practices in the adoption of education policies, and will equip delegates on the hows of education policies as it concerns various governments.

The Forum will bring experts and authorities the platform to explore more knowledge, and will attempt to re-educate delegates on the emerging goal for sustainability and the attendant challenges facing individual institutions, representative bodies, communities and governments promoting North-South Education partnerships. This will highlight identified cross-cultural relationships as well as attendant Institutional responses.

The Forum is designed for Lecturers, Academics, Students, Researchers, Policy and Education Analysts, ministries researchers, civil society education planners, Government officials in Education departments, multinational corporation’s policy makers and executives who are responsible for the education and training of their agencies or corporations, NGO’s or anyone or aspiring, in education management promotes and positions best practice, leadership and international education.

ICDI programmes bring together seasoned education practitioners and analysts, community and corporate stakeholders, education and media researchers to explore cutting best practices, developments and trends which promotes and influences International education.

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