Jun 212013

LARASA will be hosting the 2nd international Congress from 15 – 19 September 2013 at the Tsogo Sun, Sun Coast Convention Centre in Durban. The theme of the Congress is Leisure, Social Cohesion and Transformation. The sub themes include  Wellbeing and Health, Built Environment, Special Social Advocacy, Populations, Playgrounds and Parks, Tourism, Leisure Management and Education.


The successful inaugural LARASA Congress held at the International Convention Centre, in March 2012 created a lasting impression on all delegates who are looking forward to enjoying the rich heritage, hospitality and warmth of KwaZulu-Natal, Zulu Kingdom, once again. Presenters and delegates are expected from the following countries : South Africa, Australia, Belgium, China, Croatia, Colombia, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, Taiwan,  Turkey, Uganda, United States of America, Zimbabwe.

This is not a typical organization or standard conference opportunity, but an opportunity to be a part of a globally networked organization which, at the end of the Congress, will leave behind a legacy for all communities to enjoy.

LARASA firmly believes in the value and benefits of Leisure and Recreation to improve the quality of life of all citizens and to transform cities into Leisure destinations. We extend an invitation to you to learn more about leisure and to meet renowned speakers from South Africa and  internationally,  who will share their knowledge and experience in the comfort of a modern and technologically advanced meeting venue.

The sub themes reflects the rich diversity of the Leisure industry and provides a holistic approach to the congress for the benefit of the delegates :

  • Health and Wellbeing – promoting Physical Activity, alternative  therapies, healthy / active lifestyle,  non-communicable diseases, employee wellbeing, HIV/Aids, obesity
  • Built Environment / Environmental awareness / Environmental justice – includes landscaping, trails, transportation, planning for a leisure city, sustainable cities, preservation of open spaces, natural resource management.
  • Special Populations – disabilities, Therapeutic Recreation / Recreation Therapy, inclusion, mainstreaming, women, children, gender equity, play, families, culture, race, resiliency, boosting self esteem and confidence, correctional services, campus recreation, human development
  • Social advocacy –  systems change, social networks, social justice, developing social capital, human dignity, equity and freedom, human rights, psychological wellbeing.
  • Parks and playgrounds – Outdoor adventure, playground audits, playground design / inclusive playgrounds, playground safety inspectors.
  • Tourism –  contribution of leisure services to economic growth
  • Technology  – Promoting physical activity through technological advances, ecosystems.
  • Leisure Education – Theories, experiential learning, curriculum development, skills development.
  • Leisure and Sport Management – Organizational development, policy development and strategic planning, implementation of services, risk management, municipal best practice, good governance.


Keynote Speakers

Ms. Yolande Spears – Vice President of Education & Community Relations at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, Connecticut

Dr. Doris R. Corbett is an Associate Professor of Sport Sociology at Howard University.

Prof. Dr. Christopher R. Edginton serves as Secretary General, World Leisure Organization.

Prof. Dr. Karla A. Henderson is a Professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University

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Image Source : Shlomi Fish