Jun 142013

The aim of the workshop held at STIAS Conference Centre in Stellenbosch, 2 – 6 September 2013 is to explore the use of innovative adaptive optical elements, concepts and systems as they relate to medical devices, high power lasers, imaging, microscopy and industrial lasers.


The International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine (AOIM) provides engineers and scientists from both academia and industry with opportunities to explore, current practices, future trends and recent developments in adaptive optics and related fields. A key feature of this single-session meeting is the relaxed atmosphere with all participants encouraged to discuss and present their work either as a poster or a talk.

Topics will include:

Adaptive optical (AO) devices,

Digital holography in AOs,

AO in imaging systems,

Applications of AOs.

Wavefront sensing and measurement,

Aberration correction,

Spatial light modulators,

Invited Speakers

Prof.David Williams (University of  Rochester, USA)

Prof.Stefan Piehler (University of  Stuttgart, Germany)

Prof. Martin Booth (University of Oxford, UK)

Prof. Juan Bueno (University of  Murcia, Spain)

Prof. Gordon Love (University of Durham, UK)

Dr Rocio Borrego Varillas (University of  Jaume I,  Spain)

Dr Michael Duparre (University of  Jena, Germany)

Prof Jesus Lancis Saez (University of  Jaume I, Spain)

Important Dates:

1 Oct 2012 1st call

30 Jan 2013 Abstracts due

30 April 2013 Registration for authors

30 June 2013 Registration deadline

30 July 2013 Payment of registration fees

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