Sep 192013

The Syntell Sustainability 2013 is an interactive forum designed for metropolitan, local and district municipalities and traffic authorities; provincial and local government, cities and councils from across the continent. The conference is held 11 to 13 November at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Johannesburg.


The Forum will showcase the best practices and modern technologies for effective revenue management (including income procurement and collection) in order to improve service delivery. The ultimate goal is ensuring that municipalities share best practices so that pockets of excellence can be replicated.

Syntell Sustainability 2013 will prove that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work and explore the need to understand different policy responses for overall responsibility in building financially sustainable municipalities and cities.

Commercially viable revenue management strategies designed for electricity, water, rates collection, traffic and parking services

The capacity of municipalities and local government to successfully maintain financial sustainability has become paramount.

Even though there is increased pressure from rate-payers, governments and regulators to maximise revenue ensuring service delivery, municipalities face financial burdens from the reduced capacity for collection of revenue for services – impacting their ability to develop and maintain service delivery.

Whether a municipality, local government or city, you can not afford to miss this conference!

  • Acquire an understanding of the importance, nature and tasks of the tendering process
  • Prepare your organisation for The Department of Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs’ 100% clean audit objective
  • Introduce data cleanliness into your organisation with data management systems that work
  • See how technology can make your operations more financially sustainable
  • Become a smart municipality that efficiently runs its revenue management lifecycle
  • Get to grips with best practices in revenue enhancement and management for your local municipality or government
  • Discover how to integrate mobile and online financial transactions
  • Exchange strategic long term budgeting and planning best practices
  • Understand ways to better manage yield

Who should attend?

Municipalities, Electricity and Water utilities, Local, National and Provincial Government, Metro Police, Traffic authorities and traffic services, Road Safety Departments for Government, Small to Medium Businesses providing tendering and services for Local Government opportunities.

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Image Source: Ken Teegardin