Sep 252013

This Conference will be held at the Rubies and Roses Conference Venue in Centurion, Pretoria on 13 to 15 November 2013. GLAFAD is a Pan-African organisation that creates, harnesses and applies knowledge through research, information flow and capacity building to empower communities for poverty development and eradication. GLAFAD’s primary focus areas are knowledge management, good governance, and agricultural, rural and community development for poverty alleviation.


A continent where governance is continually improved, where communities are empowered to make use of available resources, and to share experience in knowledge, wealth creation by utilizing dual approach development models. A continent where communities prosper and actively participate in development and good governance.

To use integrated development models to fight poverty, disseminate knowledge and empower communities through generating effective, responsive  strategies and creating wealth. To promote a connection between knowledge generation and implementation to increase policy responsiveness for empowerment and development of local communities. Our objectives require using knowledge management to –

  • Conduct research and disseminate information to close the gap between policy, planning and practice on different levels of implementation
  • Facilitate empowerment and development of targeted communities and groups
  • Share good practice, case studies, methods and models, using continental, regional, national and local platforms
  • Actively engage communities and groups in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of poverty alleviation strategies and development programmes
  •  Remove barriers to the full and equal participation of women who face multiple barriers to growth.

The conference aims to create a platform that will engage, Academics, International organisations, Parliamentarians, Civil Society organisations, provincial governments, local governments, national governments, private and public enterprises on issues related to themes of the conference. The aim of the Conference is also to create an environment where different knowledge and case studies will be shared for the development and advancement of the humanity.

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Image Source: Shana Stine