Jun 022014

The Rhodes University’s Anthropology department will be hosting the Crossing Borders, Blurring Boundaries conference. The event will be held at Rhodes University in Grahamstown from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July 2014.



In today’s world, crossing borders and its outcomes are interwoven with the unravelling and crafting of peoples’ ways of living and formation of self. Giving an account of the journeying inherent in such crossings calls for intricate forms of attention – attention that is brought to bear on everyday life, its temporalities and locales. It is at the same time a call for a sophisticated blending of theory, empirical research and philosophical approach.

Anthropologists’ intellectual tasks are often to engage in unsettling hegemonic knowledge claims, yet they also enter productive cross-disciplinary encounters, in which shared audibility is hoped for, and in which disciplinary reshaping is incorporated.

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Image Source :  John Atherton