Apr 092018

Conference Venues SA welcomes Hoedjiesbaai Hotel as one of the newest conference venues in SaldanhaWestern Cape, West Coast

The Hoedjiesbaai Hotel has the advantage of being built almost IN the sea, giving the guests the benefit of an unspoilt seaview. The hotel offers 32 en-suite single and double room accommodation. The rooms on the second floor all have a private balcony with a seaview.The Eigebraai a la carte Restaurant is on the top floor and famous for its seafood specialities.

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Jul 282014

The Syntell Sustainability Forum 2014 will be held at The Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town from the 18th to 20th August, 2014. This is an interactive forum designed for local, district and metropolitan municipalities and traffic authorities; provincial and local government, cities and councils from across the continent.



Book your seat at the conference to find out about the best practices and latest technologies for efficient revenue management being used to develop service delivery. The ultimate goal is to ensure that municipalities in Africa share best practices so that pockets of excellence can be replicated.

Syntell Sustainability 2014 will reveal that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach does not work, and will investigate the need to recognize diverse policy responses for overall accountability in building financially sustainable and robust municipalities and cities.

Learn about cross-border cooperation amidst Africa’s local government and municipalities as a means of boosting municipal service delivery and efficiency. You will leave the Syntell Sustainability Forum 2014 with dozens of contacts and ideas to make your job easier and more productive. Syntell Sustainability Forum will provide attendees with solutions for boosting the integrity of management solutions, operations, and developing sustainable revenue streams and smarter procurement strategies

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Jul 142014

The Cape Construction Expo is the one opportunity to meet the entire Western Cape construction and building industry. With 100 delegates, 2500 attendees, 80 exhibitors, more than twenty hours of networking and a free workshop programme, This expo is the best networking platform for construction professionals such as building contractors, designers,architects, engineers, residential and commercial property developers and owners, cost consultants, surveyors, project managers, suppliers, government representatives, service providers and investors. If you are a working in the construction industry, This is the show for you. The Cape Construction will be held at Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town on 13 and 14 August.



Cape Construction Expo offers you an all round experience! This interactive exhibition showcases hundreds of the latest solutions and products that help you deliver projects on budget and on time. A free workshop is available to all visitors to the show floor and provides enlightening material and promotes a more sustainable approach towards construction.

Expand your network while enjoying culinary teasers such as coffee, chocolate and wine throughout the two days, offers plenty of opportunities to for new contacts in a relaxed setting. Guests are also entered into the lucky prize draw to stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!

The Cape Construction Expo is the definitive networking and educational platform for insights on the latest technologies and developments associated with the construction industry in the Western Cape. High-level speakers present their views through case studies, interactive panels and presentations. From construction product and building materials manufacturers to contractors, architects, engineers, designers, property owners and developers, the expo delivers all the knowledge and resources needed to strengthen your entire operation.

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Apr 092014

The 14th annual African Utility Week held on 13th and 14th May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre boasts a world class conference combined with the largest showcase of technology solutions and equipment for the water and energy sector in Africa.



Africa Utility Week is a market leading exhibition and the first port of call for decision makers from IPPs, governments, utilities, large power users, consultants, regulators and contractors to source the latest solutions or to meet suppliers and new clients.

Participating will allow you to make essential contacts within the African energy and water industry. If challenges around energy generation, T&D, clean technology, metering, reliability, finance, energy efficiency  or water supply are keeping you awake at night, this will be the right place to find appropriate solutions and help you optimise your organisation’s capabilities and providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge. African Utility Week has been established as the number one power conference and exhibition in Africa, after fourteen years of close collaboration with the African water and energy sector,.

Best practices and case studies from over 250 suppliers across the world, so  you will find someone with the answer to your questions. A world class conference agenda and new exhibition opening times double the engagement time between exhibitors and delegates. There is now a more engaging presentation floor with product demonstrations, cocktail functions, workshops, meeting lounges  and complimentary refreshments that will create more business opportunities. African Utility Week is boasting the highest representation of any African utility event, with 28 out of 54 African countries attending in 2013.

Companies with an interest in Africa’s water and power industry cannot afford to miss this exhibition. Ministries of Water and Energy Affairs and the South African utility Eskom as well as local municipalities such as the City of Cape Town and Johannesburg’s City Power have been main event partners for many years. Large African utilities such as Tanesco, SNEL, KenGen, Senelec, TCN, UEGCL, ZESCO, NamPower and many more are regular visitors. Hands-on workshops, plenty networking opportunities, supplier demonstrations and cocktail functions will make this an unforgettable event.

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Mar 242014

The 3rd Concentrated Thermal Power Conference will be held on the 8th and 9th of April 2014 at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town. Reduce CSP costs & risk through international experience and investor understanding to confirm your competitiveness. The CSP Today South Africa 2014 Conference has grown to become the central meeting place where international and local experts help you overcome significant technological and business challenges. At the event, key decision-makers from across the entire CSP group will gather to get a part of the 3,300 MW booming market.

Solar Thermal Power


Businesses will return from the conference equipped to:

  • Lower LCOE with international expertise and R&D developments to develop competitiveness against other technologies
  • Guarantee your project gets funded by overcoming the risks associated with CSP and understanding the investor’s criteria.
  • Meet rising local content requirements and oppose higher costs through streamlined supply chain management and project procurement techniques
  • Hear the roadmap for the CSP in Southern Africa through top-level official data to help plan your growth strategy
  • Increase your functional capacity and value to meet South Africa’s peak energy demand with the latest advances in storage
  • Get the latest updates and the progress made on Phase 1, 2 and 3 projects and see how they’ve overcome significant challenges and impact economic and business confidence
  • Get practical advice on how CSP technologies can economically provide a variety of thermal applications
  • Get more information about alternative thermal storage solutions that will drive costs down and improve the reliability of CSP compared to other renewables
  • Understand the economic and social benefits of current CSP projects in and meet local content, BEE objectives  and employment that are essential to gain tenders in subsequent rounds
  • More than 20 hours of networking to meet top level executives across the CSP value chain.
  • Extended Q&A sessions  and exclusive industry panels – More discussion and more panels will let you raise questions and make your views with more interactivity than ever before
  • Meet with some of the most exciting CSP companies to see the latest products making waves in the industry.
  • Exclusive online networking platform to gain early access to the online networking platform and fill your forum diary before you even arrive.
  • Maximum exposure: Secure publicity on the website and at  the conference in the event marketing material, to over 38,000 solar contacts
  • Unrivalled branding options: Your company details and logo will display on the event  website for over 18  weeks, and als on all promotional material, maximizing your visibility in the in the CSP community

Meet with BrightSource, Investec and ACS Cobra to develop relationships with potential customers in two networking packed days! The forum guarantees that you will meet the right people whom you can network, share ideas and potentially do business with.

Position your company at the forefront of the largest CSP event in Southern Africa. Top level management from across the whole CSP value chain will be there.

Communicate your solution: Get on stage to display your product and get heard by decision makers

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Mar 172014

Following on from the success of the first ever Juice Africa conference in 2013, the second event on the 8th to the 10th of April in Cape Town, is a must attend for anyone looking to expand their business card book with juice bottlers, suppliers, raw material producers and manufacturers from all over Africa. Companies from the following countries have already confirmed attendance; Thailand, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Nigeria, UK, The Netherlands and Algeria.




Meet the entire supply chain from Kenyan juice bottlers to South African raw material suppliers

Covering all significant fruits for Africa and beyond; pineapple, mango, tropicals and citrus

Quality networking in a stunning location

The best content designed by experts in the fruit juice industry

Pre-conference workshop focusing on launching new juice products in the African business with wellness  and health as the key marketing elements

New juice manufacturers as speakers including CHI Limited, the market leader in Nigeria

Assess the latest drivers behind juice consumption in Eastern, Western &  Southern Africa.

Identify the markets and customer segments showing most potential for growth

Gain insights on the amount of retail development for juices across Sub-Saharan Africa

Optimise procurement of essential raw materials based on the latest business insights

Examine the best way to reach investment in the African juice industry

Network with leading players in Sub-Saharan Africa and from around the world

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Jan 242014

The 8th annual Risk & Return conference will take place in Cape Town  at the Mount Nelson Hotel on 12-14 March 2014.



The two day conference has become the annual event of choice for almost 200 industry professionals, and It is the premier event to be at if you are seeking to explore the latest investment strategies, improve your risk management techniques, and getting to grips with fundamental regulatory changes.

At Risk & Return South Africa you will gain valuable contacts with your industry peers and will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered by almost 30 local and international speakers.

Key themes for 2014:

  • Latest trends in asset management
  • Forward-looking risk management strategies
  • Liquidity risk management
  • Macro-economic developments
  • Credit portfolio management
  • Regulatory insights
  • Global asset class valuations and economic outlook
  • OTC derivatives clearing reforms
  • Global monetary policies
  • Evolving role of the CRO

2014 KEYNOTE speakers include:

Daniel Mminele, Deputy Governor, SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK

David Suetens, Executive Vice President and International Chief Risk Officer, STATE STREET CORPORATION

Who Should Attend?

  • Investment banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurers
  • Asset and investment managers
  • Rating agencies
  • Consultancies
  • Technology providers
  • Retail banks
  • Regulators
  • Pension providers

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Dec 032013

Explore the complex relationship between formations of human place making and community and urban sustainability.- Focus the study of urban sustainability issues on one African city’s attempts to address public resource consumption. This conference will be held in Stellenbosch from the 5th to 15th of January 2014.

Wind Energy

Given the rapidly expanding world population and progress to predominantly urban societies, sustainability—particularly in cities—is at the forefront of many discussions. As populations grow at exponential rates and resources dwindle in response, human populations will increasingly struggle to maintain healthy, productive, enjoyable, and just cities. This cause and effect can be seen clearly throughout the African continent, and in particular, within the country of South Africa, making it an outstanding environment to explore concepts and outcomes of sustainability. Using South African and African urban issues and case studies, this interdisciplinary seminar explores our past, present, and, most importantly, future living in an urbanized world. We’ll look at many facets of the city as a measure of human settlement and explore issues that affect sustainability: natural resources, waste, the green economy, food security and agriculture, mobility, culture, and learning. We’ll also examine the related concept of community and the role  “place” and “place making” have in creating liveable urban spaces.

This seminar employs an experiential and holistic learning style and consists of equal parts community engagement, field trips, case studies, presentation of research, and chat sessions with local experts, community leaders, and practitioners.


From Philanthropy to a Different Way of Doing Business
Tourism is an essential part of the economy in South Africa and especially in the Western Cape. Many argue that tourism can contribute directly to growth and sustainability imperatives, particularly in shifting from philanthropic approaches to new ways of doing business. Tourism thus forms a pivotal complex of issues surrounding the sustainability of urban and semi-urban environments.

Challenges of Informal Settlements
Informal settlements continue to be a significant challenge post-apartheid. Human dignity is reduced as millions live without adequate water, sanitation, housing, etc. Informal settlements are growing as South Africa (and Africa) hits its urban century, hence the current problems will only get worse. Already strained services will come under greater pressure and a more equitable, sustainable approach to urban planning must occur. This session will explore challenges in informal settlements, and possible interventions toward sustainability in the face of rapid urbanization.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
Humans have steadily moved away from nature, producing ever more waste, even as we march to the drum of “economics.” Biomimicry shows that by paying attention to the way systems exist in nature, humans can create lasting, more sustainable products and economies.

Africa’s Urban Century
While Euro-America has already experienced rapid urbanization, Africa’s time has just begun. Given the expanding world population and the transition to predominantly urban life, cities are a priority for sustainable development. As populations grow in tandem with dwindling resources, human populations will increasingly struggle to maintain healthy, productive, enjoyable, and just cities.

Agriculture and Food Security
Agriculture, food security, and related subjects such as malnutrition, health and wellness link significantly with poverty and urban development. Cape Town has severe food insecurity in the poorer areas. Agriculture also depends heavily on fossil fuels both for production as well as food supply and transport. Food security will be affected by climate change and water shortages, and cities like Cape Town and Stellenbosch will have to absorb the impact. New ways of producing large amounts of nutritious foodstuffs are needed. New initiatives are being attempted to reduce non-renewable inputs and increase efficiencies by creating closed loop systems.

Decoupling Natural Resource Use from Economic Growth
The earth has finite resources. In order to sustain economic growth, and prevent resource depletion and environmental degradation, economies must learn to do more with less. UNEP has established an international research team dedicated to finding ways to do this. Emerging economies provide an attractive arena in which to explore decoupling as resource use has not yet peaked and the twin imperatives of reducing consumption and increasing development can be built into the system. South Africa is one such example.

Learning and Leadership in Sustainable Communities
Current modes of learning and leadership may prove insufficient to meet the coming problems of the world polycrisis and new ways of teaching, learning, and leading will be required to combat the coming difficulties. A vital and engaged citizenry and a transformative agenda will be essential, as will finding ways in which to reconnect with nature.

The South African school system retains many of the inadequacies of its apartheid legacy and, coupled with a poorly run state education system, leaves its students vulnerable to not meeting educational imperatives. The Lynedoch Eco Village at the Sustainability Institute proposes a new way of educating—placing children at the top of the agenda.

Developing Social Cohesion
As the Western Cape population rapidly grows, different social groups (separated by race, class, language, and religion) must co-habit increasingly smaller spaces. This multiculturalism has been envisaged in South Africa’s collective consciousness as “the Rainbow Nation” ideal. Against this notion stands the harsh reality of South Africa’s gross income inequality, unemployment, under-education, and sometimes strained relations between different groups (including xenophobic violence). Protests are all too common and usually aggregate around service delivery, wages, housing, and transportation. A sustainable city is also an equitable, just city, in which the needs of all citizens are met, and in which every society has a place to call home. In what ways does social cohesion intersect with poverty, food security, urbanization, and how do we handle that challenge in this diverse South Africa?

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Oct 302013

With already over a thousand confirmed delegates from over the world and a sold out Exhibition,  the 20th Africa Oil Week (25-29 November) has also proven itself as the leading exploration and development event on Africa’s oil/gas game. This event will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. During the Week over one hundred keynote speakers from leading corporates, governments, independents and national oil companies focus on new gas and oil discoveries, emerging ventures and LNG developments on the continent.

8th Annual Pipes and Pipelines Conference Johannesburg

The 20th Africa Upstream Conference (27-29 November) focuses on the exploration, development and production chain, corporate gas and oil strategies, foreign state players, new entries, upstream policies and investment opportunities that will determine Africa’s oil, gas and energy future – from exploration in the West Niger Delta to substantial opportunities in Angola, and frontier exploration acreage in Namibia to Eastern Africa hotspots like Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

On November 26th the 10th Africa Independents,  Forum focuses on the challenges of independents, first oil, gas in portfolio, strategies for success, frontier states and shale gas developments.

At the 54th PetroAfricanus Dinner (November 25th) Tim O’Hanlon (Vice President, African Business, Tullow Oil) – one of an exceptional and rare breed of Africa’s explorers, with decades of experience on the continent –will reveal how a once-small minnow grew to become one of Africa’s leading independent players, with a high-quality portfolio across Sub-Saharan Africa.

On November 25th Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman, Global Pacific & Partners) will hold the 15th Scramble for Africa Strategy Briefing which tracks changing competitor maps in Africa, providing knowledgeable interpretations and insights of the strategies of around 500 players. This unique set of insights is unparalleled and draws a high-level audience of business executives and state officials annually.

During the 20th Africa Oil Week 2013 the 17th Annual “Big Five”Awards and the Conrad Gerber Award for research and intellectual contribution to Africa will be announced. Special Parallel Sessions cover Young Professionals in Oil, Gas & Energy, Local Content in Africa, andEmerging Exploration Technologies, plus the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club Breakfast in Africa.

Corporate Showcases include Corporate Presentations by AGM Petroleum, Protection Group International, DHL, Toronto Stock Exchange/TSX Venture Exchange, KPMG

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Oct 232013

The ICEE/ICIT conference is devoted to various aspects of future cross-regional collaboration in (ICT) for research and education. The conference emphasizes the development of international partnerships in research and education and serves as a forum for discussing future projects and establishing new contacts. This conference will be held 8th to 12th December at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.


A broad range of areas are covered:

Technology for sustainable development

  • University-community Engagement
  • Best Practices in Service Learning
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • ICT4D Research and Practice
  • Collaboration and Service Innovation
  • Development Services and Infrastructure
  • Efficacy of FOSS Deployment
  • Social Media and Development

Technology Education

  • Innovations in e-Learning
  • Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education
  • Technology-moderated Training Approaches
  • Social Impact of Technology-driven Education
  • International Cooperation in ICT and/or Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education in the Information Age
  • Modes and Methods in ICT and/or Engineering Education

Engineering Design and Technology

  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Design in ICT and/or Engineering Practice
  • Innovative ICT and/or Engineering Approaches
  • The Efficacy of Engineering, Design and Technology Projects
  • Agile Methods in Competitive Systems Development
  • Engineering, Design and Technology for Developing Countries

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