Oct 302013

With already over a thousand confirmed delegates from over the world and a sold out Exhibition,  the 20th Africa Oil Week (25-29 November) has also proven itself as the leading exploration and development event on Africa’s oil/gas game. This event will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. During the Week over one hundred keynote speakers from leading corporates, governments, independents and national oil companies focus on new gas and oil discoveries, emerging ventures and LNG developments on the continent.

8th Annual Pipes and Pipelines Conference Johannesburg

The 20th Africa Upstream Conference (27-29 November) focuses on the exploration, development and production chain, corporate gas and oil strategies, foreign state players, new entries, upstream policies and investment opportunities that will determine Africa’s oil, gas and energy future – from exploration in the West Niger Delta to substantial opportunities in Angola, and frontier exploration acreage in Namibia to Eastern Africa hotspots like Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

On November 26th the 10th Africa Independents,  Forum focuses on the challenges of independents, first oil, gas in portfolio, strategies for success, frontier states and shale gas developments.

At the 54th PetroAfricanus Dinner (November 25th) Tim O’Hanlon (Vice President, African Business, Tullow Oil) – one of an exceptional and rare breed of Africa’s explorers, with decades of experience on the continent –will reveal how a once-small minnow grew to become one of Africa’s leading independent players, with a high-quality portfolio across Sub-Saharan Africa.

On November 25th Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman, Global Pacific & Partners) will hold the 15th Scramble for Africa Strategy Briefing which tracks changing competitor maps in Africa, providing knowledgeable interpretations and insights of the strategies of around 500 players. This unique set of insights is unparalleled and draws a high-level audience of business executives and state officials annually.

During the 20th Africa Oil Week 2013 the 17th Annual “Big Five”Awards and the Conrad Gerber Award for research and intellectual contribution to Africa will be announced. Special Parallel Sessions cover Young Professionals in Oil, Gas & Energy, Local Content in Africa, andEmerging Exploration Technologies, plus the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club Breakfast in Africa.

Corporate Showcases include Corporate Presentations by AGM Petroleum, Protection Group International, DHL, Toronto Stock Exchange/TSX Venture Exchange, KPMG

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Oct 232013

The ICEE/ICIT conference is devoted to various aspects of future cross-regional collaboration in (ICT) for research and education. The conference emphasizes the development of international partnerships in research and education and serves as a forum for discussing future projects and establishing new contacts. This conference will be held 8th to 12th December at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.


A broad range of areas are covered:

Technology for sustainable development

  • University-community Engagement
  • Best Practices in Service Learning
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • ICT4D Research and Practice
  • Collaboration and Service Innovation
  • Development Services and Infrastructure
  • Efficacy of FOSS Deployment
  • Social Media and Development

Technology Education

  • Innovations in e-Learning
  • Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education
  • Technology-moderated Training Approaches
  • Social Impact of Technology-driven Education
  • International Cooperation in ICT and/or Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education in the Information Age
  • Modes and Methods in ICT and/or Engineering Education

Engineering Design and Technology

  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Design in ICT and/or Engineering Practice
  • Innovative ICT and/or Engineering Approaches
  • The Efficacy of Engineering, Design and Technology Projects
  • Agile Methods in Competitive Systems Development
  • Engineering, Design and Technology for Developing Countries

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Oct 182013

International Conference on Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics (ICAESAM’2013) scheduled on Nov. 30 – Dec. 1, 2013 at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel in Cape Town aims to bring together leading academic scientists, scholars and researchers to share and exchange experiences and research results on all aspects of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.


International Institute of Engineers (IIE) is a non-profit organization that promotes the  Engineering and Technology, related latest developments and issues to be experimented and discussed through interactions amongst the academician and researchers across the globe at a common platform.

The IIE has the following objectives:

  • Globalize education so that research scholars from different regions can communicate with each other through a common platform.
  • Cooperate with institutions of higher learning in any part of the country having objectives similar to those of the society
  • Help students, researchers and faculty in Engineering, Management, Social Sciences,  Medical and Pharmaceutical  Sciences related  areas so that they can improve their knowledge in different areas of research.
  • Publish Journals in different areas of Research for sharing their research work.
  • Organize Conferences for providing a common platform so that researchers can gain knowledge in their area of interest by interacting with the experts.
  • Organize workshops for upgradation and understanding of modern technologies.

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Oct 032013

Join 2,000 Pediatric and Infectious Disease specialists for the 8th World Congress on Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the Cape Town International Convention Centre November 19-22, 2013.

The conference provides specialists a world forum for sharing the latest information and receiving updates on the prevention and treatment of pediatric infectious diseases. Organized by the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (WSPID), this biennial congress is the largest gathering of its kind.

Participants will receive a fully comprehensive scientific program featuring internationally renowned experts, sponsored and plenary symposia, poster sessions, free papers, and networking opportunities.

Program Topics:

Bone & Joint infections
Meningitis in Africa and elsewhere
Neglected Tropical Diseases
Typhoid and Non-Typhoid Diseases
Yellow fever & arboviral diseases
Polio eradication
Measles vaccine in Africa & elsewhere
Infection control & antibiotic resistance
Barriers to EPI implementation
Streptococcal diseases
Climate change & infectious diseases

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Oct 012013

The 6th International Flotation Conference (Flotation ’13)  held from 18 to 21 November 2013 at The Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town.


November 18-19: Flotation Fundamentals: Physics and Chemistry

Although now over a hundred years old, the fundamental aspects of flotation are still being intensively researched, and new machines developed. This two day symposium will focus on:

  • Fundamental reagent and flotation chemistry
  • Bubbles, froths, bubble-particle interactions
  • Flotation cell hydrodynamics, kinetics and scale-up

The keynote lecture “Flotation research – does advancement require a paradigm shift?” will be given by Prof. Kari Heiskanen, of Aalto University, Finland.

November 20-21: Flotation Applications and Plant Practice

This two day symposium focuses on the application of flotation, and will include sessions on:

  • Plant Operations, particularly related to new technology, and process mineralogy problems
  • Flotation Circuits, and their modelling, simulation, control and optimisation
  • Flotation machine developments
  • Metallic, non-metallic and coal flotation
  • Environmental considerations

The keynote lecture “True Value Added in Flotation” will be given by Dr. Dariusz Lelinski, Global Flotation Technology Manager, FLSmidth, Salt Lake City.

The conference will be held at the Vineyard Hotel, in the leafy suburb of Claremont in Cape Town. The hotel offers a stunning view of the slopes of Devils Peak and Table Mountain on 6 acres of parkland.

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Sep 172013

The Thomson Reuters 3rd Annual Trading Africa Summit is held the 6th and 7th of November at the One and Only Hotel in Cape Town. With this year’s theme “AFRICA – the hype, the myth or reality” we launch a thought provoking and critical discussion on Africa’s investment opportunities. The media is praising Africa for its investment returns and potential, we will analyze the investment flows across asset sectors and classes and do the reality check.


Meet the industry experts investing in Africa. Explore different Africa investment opportunities and learn about the cross asset investment flows into Africa and how they affect your investment decisions. Hear from experts about the latest trends in trading and create your own view on how to access these markets.

In its 3rd year, the Trading Africa conference facilitates highly interactive round tables alongside addresses with industry experts segmented by investable regions. Encouraged by feedback from previous years we are opening the conference to corporate representatives to provide the audience with on the ground business expertise. On request,  we will facilitate one to one meetings for corporate and investors to explore further investment opportunities.

The Trading Africa summit is relevant to the following professionals:

  • Analysts and Economists
  • Head of Trading and Traders
  • Senior Corporate Representatives and IR officers
  • Institutional Sales and Sales Traders
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Portfolio / Fund Managers
  • Exchanges and Regulatory Bodies

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Sep 092013

The purpose of the South African Digital Forensics Conference is to allow South African digital forensic academics and practitioners to share ideas and network. Topics will be introduced by a group overseas and local experts in the field. This conference will be held at the University of Cape Town on the 31st of October and the 1st of November.


The program is designed to include a variety of topics and aims to expose the field of digital forensics to interested parties who do not necessarily have a background in investigation or forensics.

The academic stream is aimed at stimulation research in Digital Forensics and e-Discovery in the South African context

Who should attend

The conference is not only aimed at the digital forensic profession and academics, but also at the following:

Legal Practitioners

Law Enforcement

Forensics students

Private and Corporate Investigators

Members of the accounting profession

Security professionals


Anybody who would like to have a better understanding of digital evidence and cybercrime

Full/Short papers due: 13 Sept
Paper acceptance: 30 Sept
Final/short paper due: 11 Oct
Workshop/panel proposals due: 2 Sept
Workshop/panel acceptance: 13 Sept

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Aug 152013

A three-day interactive programme for business professionals in the Telecoms Industry held at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town, 11th to 13th September 2013. Improve your tool-kit of techniques and tactics to develop long lasting partnerships from complex negotiations specific to the Telecoms Industry.


The Telecoms sector is facing a difficult time when the investment required for new technology is in running in parallel with pressures for customers to reduce prices, the need for a high level of negotiating capability has never been stronger.

Negotiation is often an insufficiently structured process whereby factors such as personal style, history between the negotiators, and the nature and extent of the planning carried out can have a disproportionate impact on the negotiation.  There is often a lack of understanding of the alternatives which exist, the full range of options and the methodologies which have been developed.

While many of us have had some kind of limited negotiation training, very few of us have taken this to the standard required when we are dealing with high standards and significant-impact negotiations.  With significant sums of money at stake, nothing less than “expert” status should be acceptable.

Whether you are involved in negotiating agreements with customers, joint venture partners, other operators, contractors or regulatory agencies and government, this programme will provide advice and insight on how you can improve the outcome from your negotiations.

This programme will do 4 things:

  • Provide a structured framework which ensures that a comprehensive approach to a negotiation is built up in as short a time as possible.  This structured system is easily shared with colleagues in an organisation using the tools provided on the programme.  Case studies from data and voice, mobile and fixed line negotiations will present the framework to life.
  • Identify personal weaknesses and strengths provide individual feedback and laying down personal development plans.
  • Explore and explain a variety of tools, approaches and techniques which can be used to increase the likelihood of success in complex negotiations.  Each of them will be supported by examples of their application in a telecoms environment.
  • Deliver a structure whereby managers can improve their team members using the structured approach so that negotiations are professionally planned and carried out, and a consistent team approach to negotiations is used

This programme is essential to these job roles:

  • Contract Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • In-house legal
  • Sales Managers
  • Commercial Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Brand Managers

This highly effective programme will deliver:

  • Structured framework focused on high value negation to provide a comprehensive approach to your negotiation in the shortest possible timeframe
  • Industry specific case studies focused on the practical issues that are unique to the high value, complex negotiations of the telecoms industry including roaming agreements, content agreements, interconnection and access, infrastructure sharing and outsourcing
  • A variety of tools, techniques and approaches which can be applied to substantially increase the likelihood of success in major negotiations
  • Individual personal development plan based on your weaknesses and strengths to ensure continued improvement when you return to the workplace
  • Access to the knowledge and skills to a world class negotiation expert with extensive telecoms experience who focuses on the long term benefit for your organisation
  • A roll-out plan for developing your team and colleagues to deliver results at negotiation using the same winning tactics

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Jul 172013

The first Unisa Cambridge conference in the Southern Hemisphere is a small-scale international conference for sharing ODeL experience and knowledge while highlighting issues particularly relevant to the Global South. The conference is held 29 September to 2 October 2013 at Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, Cape Town.


The University of South Africa in association with the Commonwealth of Learning and Cambridge Distance Education presents The Unisa Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance and eLearning 2013.

The first Unisa Cambridge conference in the Southern Hemisphere will continue the tradition, established by the Cambridge conference over the last thirty years, of a small-scale international conference for sharing ODeL experience and knowledge while highlighting issues particularly relevant to the Global South. Total participation will be limited to 100 delegates.

This conference will examine continuity and change in Open, Distance and eLearning within the context of political, economic, social and technological transformations that impel a re-examination of current assumptions and structures. Participants will have opportunities to explore those principles and practices that are worth maintaining and preserving from previous generations of ODeL and those which should inform the development of ODeL in the immediate future and on the longer term. Papers, presentations and discussions will promote discussions around the following themes:

  • The present and the future of ODeL – disjunction, rupture or continuity; a straight path, a winding road, or a brand new superhighway
  • The North and the South – what can we learn from areas of convergence and difference?
  • Structure and fluidity – what is worth preserving and what should we let go?
  • The current and potential impact of OER on ODeL
  • Global change and its impact on ODeL –the potential impacts on ODeL of escalating inequalities, the digital divide, poverty, economic downturns and a mass demand for education?
  • Technologies in whose hands? Exploring issues: re-purposing social media technologies for ODeL applications; weighing the effectiveness and viability of new technologies; considering the various dimensions of accessibility
  • The increasing convergence of ODeL and traditional face-to-face universities and the consequences for ODeL institutions.

Keynote speakers

Professor Asha Kanwar: Commonwealth of Learning
Professor Bakary Diallo: African Virtual University
Professor Alan Tait: Open University UK
Professor Saleem Badat: Council for Higher Education South Africa

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Jun 142013

The aim of the workshop held at STIAS Conference Centre in Stellenbosch, 2 – 6 September 2013 is to explore the use of innovative adaptive optical elements, concepts and systems as they relate to medical devices, high power lasers, imaging, microscopy and industrial lasers.


The International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine (AOIM) provides engineers and scientists from both academia and industry with opportunities to explore, current practices, future trends and recent developments in adaptive optics and related fields. A key feature of this single-session meeting is the relaxed atmosphere with all participants encouraged to discuss and present their work either as a poster or a talk.

Topics will include:

Adaptive optical (AO) devices,

Digital holography in AOs,

AO in imaging systems,

Applications of AOs.

Wavefront sensing and measurement,

Aberration correction,

Spatial light modulators,

Invited Speakers

Prof.David Williams (University of  Rochester, USA)

Prof.Stefan Piehler (University of  Stuttgart, Germany)

Prof. Martin Booth (University of Oxford, UK)

Prof. Juan Bueno (University of  Murcia, Spain)

Prof. Gordon Love (University of Durham, UK)

Dr Rocio Borrego Varillas (University of  Jaume I,  Spain)

Dr Michael Duparre (University of  Jena, Germany)

Prof Jesus Lancis Saez (University of  Jaume I, Spain)

Important Dates:

1 Oct 2012 1st call

30 Jan 2013 Abstracts due

30 April 2013 Registration for authors

30 June 2013 Registration deadline

30 July 2013 Payment of registration fees

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