Jul 072014

ISSA2014 is an annual conference held under the backing of the University of Pretoria School of  Information Technology, the University of South Africa School of Computing and the  University of Johannesburg Academy for Computer Science and Software Engineering and.  The conference will be held the 13th to 15th of August at the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel in Sandton, Gauteng.



The conference has developed annually in a variety of ways. Not only have presenter and delegates numbers been on the rise, but interest from the industry has also grown and been displayed through sponsorship of the conference or aspects thereof. The quality and relevance of the information presented by industry practitioners and academics have evolved, as have the opportunities for senior research students to present their research to representative and critical audience.

The ISSA conference will continue to be recognised as a platform for professionals and researchers to share their knowledge, research and experience in the field of information security, not only on a South African, but also on an international level.

To ensure ongoing improvement,  input is encouraged from all those interested in the field of Information Security, particularly those who are actively seeking to progress the field, to take part and share their knowledge and experience.

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May 192014

The Omni-channel Banking conference will be held at Focus Rooms Conference Venue in Sunninghill  the 28th and 29th of May 2014. This conference is different from the current multi-channel method in which banks encourage customers to use the least expensive medium, whether this is on-line, mobile, call centre, ATM, card etc.



Banks are forced to look at providing customer experience across all channels at the same time due to the inconsistency of delivering genuine cross-channel service while not giving enough attention to the user experience.

Omni-channel provides that experience – to provide customers smooth access to financial services and products at any given time.

The Omni-Channel Banking Conference 2014 will meet a variety of questions relating to the new channel landscape and creating the ultimate customer experience. From planning and strategy, innovation and new technology to trends and improving customer service and interaction, the agenda will help delegates through the processes needed to successfully manage the transition to omni-channel banking.

The speaker panel once again consists of leading experts. Speakers represent key players in the field of channel management and customer service, including Dimension Data, Accenture, Wincor Nixdorf, Allos, Oracle, Microsoft SA and SAS.

The track record in organising top-class events for the banking community speaks for itself. Last year over 900 delegates attended the financial events.

All professionals dealing with the different channels such as call centres, ATM’s, online, mobile, cards, social media, branch etc, are invited to join this highly informative event.

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May 122014

Tax Indaba 2014 will be held from the 19th to the 13th of June at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This event that is aimed at addressing fundamental issues related to all aspects of tax on both the practical and strategic levels with the purpose of benefitting you. The focus of the conference is to bridge the gap between corporate tax advisors, regulators tax and practitioners.



This is undoubtedly the tax event to attend. The only one of its kind with the collaborative work of a number of associations including CIMA, AAT, SAICA, ACCA, CSSA, IAC, SAIT and SAIPA. Tax Indaba 2014 takes place over five days and gathers expert presenters from the various disciplines in tax and from all over the world. Everyone involved in South African tax should attend this event!

Ensure that you are part of this industry gathering that tackles the latest regulatory requirements and many other tax issues affecting the South African market.

The themes of this year’s conference will include:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Strategic overview on South African Tax
  • Mining Tax
  • Tax Risk Management
  • Tax Administration Act
  • Personal Income Tax
  • International Tax

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Apr 292014

At the African Construction Expo held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 27th and 28th of May, you will learn about cutting-edge and innovative solutions to expose greater yields from large scale infrastructure and construction projects on the rapidly developing continent. The event also features over five  real-world case studies which will give you the most relevant and current practices, approaches and technologies that can immediately be implemented in your business.



Hundreds of the latest solutions and products are showcased at this interactive exhibition that help deliver projects on budget and on time. A free-to-attend workshop course provides educational material and a change towards more sustainable approach to construction will be encouraged.

Together with the co-located Totally Concrete Expo, over 5000 of Africa’s business elite are expected to gather at the expo to gain in-depth insight into the industry’s core challenges such as sufficient risk management for Pan-African projects, project management in a continuously changing environment and funding of infrastructure projects. Opportunities in Africa’s thriving real estate sector will also be explored.

This Expo is designed for the industry’s top level executives, government representatives, investors and construction professionals of all trades and is a convenient way to access the African market place.

You are guaranteed to take home many valuable contacts and big ideas that will make your job more productive and easier.

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Nov 062013

Improving geophysical and seismic understanding of pre-salts and identifying drilling and completions strategies to optimise recovery and reduce costs. 11th-12th December, 2013 Hilton Sandton Hotel, Johannesburg,


The geological resemblance of the pre-salt areas off the West Coast of Africa and the successful discoveries in Brazil have sparked interest from gas and oil companies and investors across the globe.

The potential within basins in Congo, Angola, Gabon, Namibia, West Coast Cameroon and DRC has the attention of world media and the industry. What is needed before the next stages of development can be made, is a solid understanding. The production from these basins should be large enough to justify the high pre-salt drilling and completions costs and provide an economic return on every well.

Since the oil discovery in the pre-salt layers of Angola and Gabon back in 2011, three companies have drilled test wells, but all yielding different results. To minimise risk and truly commercialise the utilization of these resources, operators need to match an enhanced geological and geophysical knowledge to accurately determine the locations of sweet spots, with an effective strategy for driving down expensive drilling and completions costs.

Day One will look at how pre-salt operators in West Coast Africa are utilising latest seismic technologies to see through the salt, and a deep enough geophysical and geological understandings to launch successful drilling programmes. The day will commence with a comprehensive geological and geophysical analysis of Angola: Lower Congo and Kwanza Basin Basin, West Coast Cameroon, Gabon, and Namibia to identify areas are large enough for potential development. This will be followed by analysing advancements in seismic acquisition, interpretation  and processing to ensure the effective geophysical analysis. The day will finish drawing tried and tested transferable lessons from Brazil to understand if seismic technology from Brazil can be effectively transferred to pre-salt Africa.

Day Two will examine how to cut down the completions and drilling costs to ensure post-drilling commerciality and minimise risk. The day will start looking at how to optimise equipment selection, drive down drilling costs, and determine the most effective techniques for drilling through salt and deep water. This will be followed by case studies on identifying the optimal casing system for running long production casing strings in ultra deep wells, a comparison between water vs. oil based mud systems to determine the most effective and inexpensive options. Following that will be a discussion on optimal  completion fluids and  completions techniques. Last but not least, the congress will end with a discussion on how to overcome challenges in obtaining equipment and ensuring an effective emergency response strategy is in place.

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Oct 162013

Spanning 4 days, from 25 to 28 November at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, brought directly to the African mining industry in Johannesburg. This high level conference is a must for all those striving to control risk and maximise yield in Africa.


The African mining industry’s wealth of potential is in little doubt. Yet this capability is undermined by varying and wide reaching risks. The first ever Mining Risk Management Summit: Africa is the ideal forum to for those seeking to develop effective risk mitigation strategies.

Featuring presentations, panel discussions and case studies from some of the industry’s leading risk experts, the summit will guarantee exposure to cutting-edge risk management practices. Following field research the programme specifically targets the most threatening and obvious risks to the industry right now. From site security to resource nationalism, corruption to labour issues, infrastructure challenges to stakeholder engagement, the risks threatening to compromise your business will be covered.

Why you should attend this conference

  • Examine how resource nationalism policy could develop and what you can do to mitigate its impact
  • Hear industry expert’s forecasts on how risks in the African mining industry will grow
  • Meet and network with key industry players, from service providers and consultants to mining companies
  • Assess how you could improve your mine’s security operations
  • Hear the latest and advanced techniques in community involvement and how they could improve your ability to manage risk
  • Develop effective strategies and avoid corruption while still achieving desired business outcomes
  • Learn how industry leaders have been able to minimising disputes, manage their workforce and maximising productivity

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Sep 272013

Best Practices Awards for Sustainability, Social and Community Development in African Mining Conference is about awarding mining companies that have successfully implemented programs in mining communities in efforts to improve, better the social environment of local residents. This Conference is held at The Sandton Convention Centre on 17 to 20 November. Companies that make an effort and a conscious impact in developing the areas, in which they mine need to be highlighted to show the people of the world including mining investors and other mining companies that such feats can be achieved. . Companies that take time to research, set aside budgets, liaise with local communities address the needs that are realistic and foremost and implement programs to improving the welfare and future of its local residents.


Such a conference will highlight different aspects, which entail in the development of mining areas in Africa. Mining itself is the driving force of most economies in Africa. It involves people on a global scale who are involved with the daily functioning of a working mine. A topic such a Community, Social and Sustainability Development is a hot topic that is on the wisp of any person who is involved in any area that pertains to mining. From commerce, to law, to consultancy, the mining industry affects many tiers of business. This conference is offering a platform, where a hub of the right people will be situated through the duration of the conference.

Broadly this conference will be a place for investors, mining companies, advisory and consultancy businesses, insurance and financial institutions, lawmakers, service providers will meet. The Best Practice Awards offers a distinctive standpoint for any candidate that wants to promote themselves to the right individuals. Invest for Africa has designed cost-effective profiles that can fit any prospectus that is interested in using this tool to bring forth to your customers.

The Best Practice Awards provides a platform where one can interact with a number of delegates from different industries and interest. This networking type of conference will bring in not only African delegates but International peoples of interest. This is the ideal set up for one to portray their own business to network and discover new business partners, investors and alliances.

The conference awards mining companies in the following ideals:

  • · Best Community Development
  • · Best Social Development
  • · Best Environmental Impact
  • · Overall Best Mining Company
  • · Outstanding Development Project
  • · Sustainability : The Future of Africa

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Sep 192013

The Syntell Sustainability 2013 is an interactive forum designed for metropolitan, local and district municipalities and traffic authorities; provincial and local government, cities and councils from across the continent. The conference is held 11 to 13 November at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Johannesburg.


The Forum will showcase the best practices and modern technologies for effective revenue management (including income procurement and collection) in order to improve service delivery. The ultimate goal is ensuring that municipalities share best practices so that pockets of excellence can be replicated.

Syntell Sustainability 2013 will prove that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work and explore the need to understand different policy responses for overall responsibility in building financially sustainable municipalities and cities.

Commercially viable revenue management strategies designed for electricity, water, rates collection, traffic and parking services

The capacity of municipalities and local government to successfully maintain financial sustainability has become paramount.

Even though there is increased pressure from rate-payers, governments and regulators to maximise revenue ensuring service delivery, municipalities face financial burdens from the reduced capacity for collection of revenue for services – impacting their ability to develop and maintain service delivery.

Whether a municipality, local government or city, you can not afford to miss this conference!

  • Acquire an understanding of the importance, nature and tasks of the tendering process
  • Prepare your organisation for The Department of Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs’ 100% clean audit objective
  • Introduce data cleanliness into your organisation with data management systems that work
  • See how technology can make your operations more financially sustainable
  • Become a smart municipality that efficiently runs its revenue management lifecycle
  • Get to grips with best practices in revenue enhancement and management for your local municipality or government
  • Discover how to integrate mobile and online financial transactions
  • Exchange strategic long term budgeting and planning best practices
  • Understand ways to better manage yield

Who should attend?

Municipalities, Electricity and Water utilities, Local, National and Provincial Government, Metro Police, Traffic authorities and traffic services, Road Safety Departments for Government, Small to Medium Businesses providing tendering and services for Local Government opportunities.

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Sep 122013

Best in Gaming Technology Africa Summit 2013 taking place 4th to 6th November 2013 at Montecasino  in Johannesburg will address latest changes and key issues the in gaming technology, how those changes will affect the gaming industry, and how technology can improve operations, increase revenues and control costs.


The summit will address key issues related to the field of technological progress, trying to understand the fast rate of change in gaming technology, its impacts currently and what’s to come in the next five years and beyond. Additional issues, which will be discussed, will deal with the development of social gaming and how to monetise it; new challenges and solutions in all that has to do with payment processing and thoughts and ideas on different ways to connect with customers to encourage even more profitable relationships.

Best in Gaming Technology Africa Summit 2013 will examine these new technologies with the help of presentations by experts and business leaders on the subject; attendees will get a hands-on look on technological updates, strategies and solutions for the ever-changing gaming industry.

Best in Gaming Technology Africa Summit 2013 will provide attendees with power-packed presentations by international, local and regional experts/ leaders, featuring hands-on technology updates, strategies and insights, addressing real-world technology challenges and looking at solutions for all segments of the gaming industry.

Best in Gaming Technology Africa Summit 2013 will be the industry’s hottest technology event. The summit is designed to appeal to the who is who in the gaming industry in Africa and internationally.

Attendees to the summit will consist of CEO’s, senior directors and key figures in the gaming industry; professionals like global and local gaming operators, gaming regulators, gaming content providers, system suppliers and gaming manufacturers. There will be software and payment providers, hosting companies and representatives from every aspects of online and offline gambling. This creates an opportunity to meet others and to develop valuable business relationships.

This is your opportunity to network and gain valuable contacts with influential decision makers from around African continents and beyond.

Expect to meet CEOs, COOs, MDs, GMs, CIOs, CTOs and senior directors from:

  • Global and local gaming operators
  • Gaming regulators
  • Gaming and content providers
  • Gaming machine suppliers and manufacturers
  • Software suppliers
  • Payment providers
  • Hosting companies
  • Online marketing consultants
  • Gaming consultants
  • Fraud and IT consultants
  • Legal advisors
  • Industry Associations

Hear from these expert speakers:

  • Zodwa Ntuli, Deputy Director General, Department of Trade and Industry
  • Adv. Themba Ngobese, CEO, Casino Association of South Africa
  • Stuart Wing, COO, Sun International
  • Nikki Forster, South African Hospitality & Gaming Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Tebogo Makamo, Vice President, Operations – Africa and Europe, BMM Compliance
  • Andrew Crone, Enterprise Gaming Systems Programme Lead & Regional IT Quality and Testing Manager, Sun International
  • Daniel Kustelski, Managing Director, Voltbet.com
  • Tyrone Dobbin, Co-founder/Managing Director, Sportingbet South Africa
  • Anli Kotze, COO, BetTech Gaming
  • Ian Barnes, CTO, BetTech Gaming
  • Craig Swan, General Manager, Krugerbets.com
  • Greg Parsons, Director Sales Africa, Sportradar
  • Wayne Lurie, Director, Laurie Inc

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Aug 292013

Viridis Africa is the only clean energy investor event in Africa that will take place on the 15th and 16th of October 2013 at the Killarney Country Club, Houghton, Johannesburg, Gauteng.


The event is dedicated to corporates and entrepreneurs who are seeking funding to introduce clean technology services and solutions. Held over two days, the conference incorporates investor presentations and project / business funding proposals and the latest insights into growth, development and financing within the cleantech sector.

Principals and technology pioneers who would present their business opportunities at this event would enjoy access to numerous international and local investors, stratified according to their local and sector investment and interest criteria. Investors would include private equity, venture capital, project and corporate finance outfits and others dedicated to the clean tech sector. Investors would include European and US funding agencies, technology specific investment funds and leading companies who seek a strategic acquisitions and business.

Viridis Africa presents a perfect opportunity to meet up with potential business contacts to identify new partners, investors, deals and business opportunities in the fields of clean tech, renewables and sustainability.

Renewable energy

Entrepreneurs and corporates are invited to submit a business case for investing in the field of

* energy generation, including wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, geothermal, clean coal technologies, coal bed methane, etc.

* energy storage, presenters are invited to showcase the latest technology in fuel cells, advanced batteries and hybrid systems.

* infrastructure management and transmission technologies

* energy efficiencies, including building efficiency, smart grids and waste heat recovery.

Water & waste water

Projects seeking funding for the following are also invited:

* water treatment infrastructure,

* water conservation,

* waste water treatment, and

* desalination

Waste recycling

Waste recycling and management, waste treatment (plastics and organic matter ).

Who should attend

* Entrepreneurs looking for funding to grow their business

* Corporates looking for new emerging technologies

* Institutional investors looking for long term assets

* Venture capitalists and private equity investors looking for clean tech investment opportunities

* Renewable energy consultants

* Cogeneration project managers

* Professional service providers

* Project developers seeking new initiatives

* Innovators with new technologies

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