Sep 272013

Best Practices Awards for Sustainability, Social and Community Development in African Mining Conference is about awarding mining companies that have successfully implemented programs in mining communities in efforts to improve, better the social environment of local residents. This Conference is held at The Sandton Convention Centre on 17 to 20 November. Companies that make an effort and a conscious impact in developing the areas, in which they mine need to be highlighted to show the people of the world including mining investors and other mining companies that such feats can be achieved. . Companies that take time to research, set aside budgets, liaise with local communities address the needs that are realistic and foremost and implement programs to improving the welfare and future of its local residents.


Such a conference will highlight different aspects, which entail in the development of mining areas in Africa. Mining itself is the driving force of most economies in Africa. It involves people on a global scale who are involved with the daily functioning of a working mine. A topic such a Community, Social and Sustainability Development is a hot topic that is on the wisp of any person who is involved in any area that pertains to mining. From commerce, to law, to consultancy, the mining industry affects many tiers of business. This conference is offering a platform, where a hub of the right people will be situated through the duration of the conference.

Broadly this conference will be a place for investors, mining companies, advisory and consultancy businesses, insurance and financial institutions, lawmakers, service providers will meet. The Best Practice Awards offers a distinctive standpoint for any candidate that wants to promote themselves to the right individuals. Invest for Africa has designed cost-effective profiles that can fit any prospectus that is interested in using this tool to bring forth to your customers.

The Best Practice Awards provides a platform where one can interact with a number of delegates from different industries and interest. This networking type of conference will bring in not only African delegates but International peoples of interest. This is the ideal set up for one to portray their own business to network and discover new business partners, investors and alliances.

The conference awards mining companies in the following ideals:

  • · Best Community Development
  • · Best Social Development
  • · Best Environmental Impact
  • · Overall Best Mining Company
  • · Outstanding Development Project
  • · Sustainability : The Future of Africa

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