Oct 302013

With already over a thousand confirmed delegates from over the world and a sold out Exhibition,  the 20th Africa Oil Week (25-29 November) has also proven itself as the leading exploration and development event on Africa’s oil/gas game. This event will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. During the Week over one hundred keynote speakers from leading corporates, governments, independents and national oil companies focus on new gas and oil discoveries, emerging ventures and LNG developments on the continent.

8th Annual Pipes and Pipelines Conference Johannesburg

The 20th Africa Upstream Conference (27-29 November) focuses on the exploration, development and production chain, corporate gas and oil strategies, foreign state players, new entries, upstream policies and investment opportunities that will determine Africa’s oil, gas and energy future – from exploration in the West Niger Delta to substantial opportunities in Angola, and frontier exploration acreage in Namibia to Eastern Africa hotspots like Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

On November 26th the 10th Africa Independents,  Forum focuses on the challenges of independents, first oil, gas in portfolio, strategies for success, frontier states and shale gas developments.

At the 54th PetroAfricanus Dinner (November 25th) Tim O’Hanlon (Vice President, African Business, Tullow Oil) – one of an exceptional and rare breed of Africa’s explorers, with decades of experience on the continent –will reveal how a once-small minnow grew to become one of Africa’s leading independent players, with a high-quality portfolio across Sub-Saharan Africa.

On November 25th Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman, Global Pacific & Partners) will hold the 15th Scramble for Africa Strategy Briefing which tracks changing competitor maps in Africa, providing knowledgeable interpretations and insights of the strategies of around 500 players. This unique set of insights is unparalleled and draws a high-level audience of business executives and state officials annually.

During the 20th Africa Oil Week 2013 the 17th Annual “Big Five”Awards and the Conrad Gerber Award for research and intellectual contribution to Africa will be announced. Special Parallel Sessions cover Young Professionals in Oil, Gas & Energy, Local Content in Africa, andEmerging Exploration Technologies, plus the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club Breakfast in Africa.

Corporate Showcases include Corporate Presentations by AGM Petroleum, Protection Group International, DHL, Toronto Stock Exchange/TSX Venture Exchange, KPMG

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