Apr 142014

The ABIG Conference held on the 17th and 18th of at Stone Cradle in Pretoria focuses primarily on enriching the skills and knowledge of those interested in animal behaviour while also trying to raise awareness of animal behaviour and the animal-human bond to those within the veterinary fields.



Honorary Lecturer in Small Animal Behaviour. RVC (University of London) Jon leads the Veterinary Behaviour Service. He is particularly interested in the behavioural effects of medical problems, such as syringomyelia, epilepsy and pain. He is also particularly interested in progressing the understanding of sound phobia in dogs, cognitive ageing and inter-cat aggression unusual behaviour (such as shadow chasing, self-mutilation and tail chasing).

The Animal Behaviour and Interaction Group consists of veterinarians and veterinary nurses that have a keen interest in animal behaviour, recognizing it as a vital component in the holistic treatment of animals and in strengthening the animal-human bond.

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Image Source: Silvia