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Conferences can be organized for a variety of reasons and can be either practical, idealistic or political or a combination of the aforementioned. In this blog, we will be looking at some reasons why conferences are organized.

Organizing Conferences


Firstly organizing conferences may simply be part of the job. Certain staff and board positions have organizing and running annual conferences as part of the job description.

A Conference may be required when the field of interest requires a conference to be organized. It may be because it is a relevantly new field or the field as yet to establish a clear identity for itself. The conference will assist in bringing together role players in order to create and develop the identity. If the new field is not yet cohesive, conferences are needed to bring participants together and discuss disagreements on methods and other issues within the field. It is also an effective way to discover how many others share the same interests and to promote networking opportunities. A Conference gets people energized and it is an excellent framework for solving problems and developing mutual support.

Feedback from the field or community may require a conference to be organized. Feedback may be in the form of the expressed desire for training, the need for networking opportunities or any other need that may arise within the field. A conference can be organized to address these needs.

Organizing a conference is also an effective way of enlisting people to advance the field, either directly through their work or advocacy. The conference can also advance a field by providing training and motivation to participants.

Conferences are excellent vehicles for establishing the legitimacy of a field; especially if this is a new field. The conference can assist in confirming the number of participants engaged in the field, and determine those participants with respected credentials. A conference can significantly help to create a solid intellectual and philosophical foundation for the field of interest.

Issues that arise within a field may require a conference to determine a response to issues or highlight the urgency of an issue. A conference will bring all role players together in order to successfully address these issues and bring relevant issues to the forefront.

 A conference enhances the reputation, creditability and credentials of a field. It will help to establish it as a key field and a voice of reason or leading authority. Enhancing the reputation and establishing the creditability of a field, has the knock-on effect of bringing in funding and collaboration opportunities.

A funder may require a conference and earmark part of the funding for a conference. Organizing a conference is often set as a condition of the funding.

The need to organize a conference may arise out of crises or new opportunities that arise within a field that must be addressed. This could be a reduction or an increase of funding. It can also include standard practices that have become ineffective or dangerous, requiring a conference to implement new practices.  These conferences are also useful in advancing knowledge and practical application within the field and attracting new participants and funders.

Whatever the reason for organizing a conference, it can be a daunting task at first but there is no reason to go at it alone. A venue finding agency such as Conference Venues SA will help help you arrange your conference and find the best conference venue according to your requirements. Contact one of the friendly consultants now and start organizing that memorable conference.

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