Jan 172014

The Nuclear Industry Congress Africa will be held on February 25th and 26th in Cape Town. The organizing committee invites you to participate in this intriguing event.

African countries are seriously considering adopting nuclear power. Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt are planning to build nuclear power plants and other African countries are considering or preparing for nuclear.


South African government’s has a strong commitment to the future of nuclear energy, with firm plans for the next decade. Egypt has launched it’s own initiative to start developing nuclear power and  Kenya expects to commission its first nuclear plant in 2022. Nigeria plans two nuclear plants before 2019, and this is boosted by the abundance of uranium. Three other nuclear plants are to be commissioned by 2031.

200 delegates representing over 20 countries are expected. Eminent policy makers, business executives and experts, along with leading international figures, were carefully selected to establish meaningful dialogue that will produce a variety of perspectives. In addition,  live and exclusive interviews, exhibitions and exciting side activities. The guaranteed seniority, unique character and size of the audience, ample networking opportunities, makes the NIC 2014 an unusual opportunity to set directions, take stock, build new friendships and business

Main Topics:

  • Nuclear Power in Future Africa
  • Kenya’s Plan of Nuclear Power
  • Challenges of 3S in Africa
  • Regulatory Authority Perspective on Nuclear Power
  • Suitable Cooperating Mode in Developing Local Capabilities of Nuclear Power
  • Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy for National Development
  • Future Outlook on the Nuclear Sector: Opportunities and Challenges for Private Sector Participation
  • Future Immersed in Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Cooperate on the Development of Nuclear Power and Clean Energy in Africa
  • Investing Opportunities in Nuclear Revival

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Image Source: Shane Mayer

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