Oct 162013

Spanning 4 days, from 25 to 28 November at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, brought directly to the African mining industry in Johannesburg. This high level conference is a must for all those striving to control risk and maximise yield in Africa.


The African mining industry’s wealth of potential is in little doubt. Yet this capability is undermined by varying and wide reaching risks. The first ever Mining Risk Management Summit: Africa is the ideal forum to for those seeking to develop effective risk mitigation strategies.

Featuring presentations, panel discussions and case studies from some of the industry’s leading risk experts, the summit will guarantee exposure to cutting-edge risk management practices. Following field research the programme specifically targets the most threatening and obvious risks to the industry right now. From site security to resource nationalism, corruption to labour issues, infrastructure challenges to stakeholder engagement, the risks threatening to compromise your business will be covered.

Why you should attend this conference

  • Examine how resource nationalism policy could develop and what you can do to mitigate its impact
  • Hear industry expert’s forecasts on how risks in the African mining industry will grow
  • Meet and network with key industry players, from service providers and consultants to mining companies
  • Assess how you could improve your mine’s security operations
  • Hear the latest and advanced techniques in community involvement and how they could improve your ability to manage risk
  • Develop effective strategies and avoid corruption while still achieving desired business outcomes
  • Learn how industry leaders have been able to minimising disputes, manage their workforce and maximising productivity

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