Aug 162012
Life Through Movement International Conference

Life Through Movement International Conference

The Life Through Movement International Conference (LTMIC) will be taking place at the Potchefstroom campus of the North West University from the 27th to 29th September. The aim of the conference is to bring different role players together to promote performance, health and well-being through physical activity. The central theme throughout the conference will focus on activity or exercise as holistic intervention and enhancement modality.

The Life Through Movement International Conference is organized by the Biokinetic Association of South Africa in collaboration with the School for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sports Sciences (School of BRS) and the Research Focus area Physical activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec) within the Faculty of Health Sciences, North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus).

Key speakers at the conference include Tim Noakes, David Grier, Bob Boyd, Anita Pienaar, Derick Coetzee, Estell Lambert, Melainie (Lainie) Cameron and I-Min Lee.

Aim of The Conference

The focus of the Life Through Movement International Conference is the understanding, implementation and role of physical activity in different areas of life and health. The conference further aims to enhance the identity of Biokinetics in South Africa, create networking opportunities and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.

The conference aims to facilitate learning and motivating collaboration through preconference workshops, keynote addresses, research presentations, debates and informal discussions.

The conference is divided into three tracks:

  • Health Promotion and Therapeutic Recreation
  • Orthopaedics, Strength and Conditioning
  • Special Populations, Exercise Physiology and Chronic Diseases

Conference Venue

The host for the Life Through Movement International Conference is the School of BRS, located on the Fanie du Toit Sport Grounds of the Potchefstroom campus at the North-West University. The excellent facilities and surrounds of the school will form the hub for the conference. The conference rooms at the School of BRS have excellent conference facilities with state of the art equipment including computers, overhead projectors, cordless microphones and facilities for PowerPoint presentations.

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