Mar 042014

The Coal Transportation Africa Summit will be held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand on the 8th and 9th of April. South Africa is ranked  in the top ten in the world for its’ large coal reserves and  being one of the largest coal exporters. However, many challenges still hinder coal transportation capacity ranging from infrastructure, investment and regulatory constraints. This conference will bring stakeholders together from across Southern Africa to discuss current successes and challenges within coal transportation across rail, sea and land.



  • Transporting coal from port to pit seamlessly
  • Tackling South Africa’s coal transportation challenges and  emerging opportunities within the global market
  • The importance of regional cooperation for coal transport solutions for a landlocked country
  • Engaging parastatals and government departments to ensure the timeous and swift movement of coal
  • Addressing the regulatory landscape in South Africa with respect to coal
  • Leveraging on new technology to facilitate the transport of coal
  • Comparing South Africa and other emerging coal exporters in Africa
  • Considering PPP as a way to speed up investment in rail infrastructure


Transport Managers
Chief Executive Officers
Head Of Infrastructure
Supply Chain Managers
Service Delivery Mangers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Financial Officers
Inventory Managers
Head Of Logistics
Head Of Supply Chain
Head Of Inventory
Head Of Commercial
Port Managers
Rail Managers
Managing Directors
Head Of Marketing
Chief Procurement Officers

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