Mar 112014

The Wind Energy Summit South Africa Conference will be held at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel on the 9th to the 10th of April 2014. International companies are taking advantage of the opportunities for growth in South Africa, but those looking to operate in the country need to understand the key factors before being able to do so successfully.

Wind Energy


Wind Energy Summit South Africa brings together key members promote and move forward this expanding market. Helping establish new partnerships and tackling emerging issues as the competitive bidding rounds progress.

Four reasons this conference will enrich success:

Exploring Social Economic Empowerment, a requirement you have to meet:
Deal with the issues head on with our government level panel involving the DoE, UNEP, DEDEAT, REEEP, WWF and One World to ensure you understand how to run a successful project, make a commercial profit and meet the government requirements for economic empowerment  and job creation.

C-Level and CEO panel discussion on maintaining a competitive edge:
Debate with a local and international team including Red Cap, Enel Green Powe  and two of the leading South African banks on the changing landscape of South African wind and how to match the competition now large groups with strong finances are moving in

South African banks come together to share expertise:
For the first time since 2012, three of the big South African banks will share their experience with the industry. Rand Merchant Bank, Nedbank, Standard and Capital Bank will share their views of onshore wind in South Africa so you can learn how to create an attractive proposal for possible financiers

Eskom and NERSA come together to discuss risk:
With extended network connection timelines, risk absorbance is a hot topic in South Africa. Take part in a debate on risk absorbance and network connectivity hosted by the Head of the Grid Access Unit, the Head of Regulatory Reform at NERSA and Eskom

What will you take away from this summit?

Return to the office armed with unique insight, case studies and best practice from the industry leaders covering the following topics:

Government commitment to future rounds
Understand government objectives and requirements so you can stay within the rapidly evolving legislative parameters

Meeting complex legislative demands
Learn past experiences in navigating governmental challenges to meet strict EIA requirements in a convenient and hassle free manner

Grid connection
Understand what can be done to expedite connection issues, manage risk absorbance and determine how to work within Eskom’s perceived timelines

Supply chain and local content requirements
Learn how to successfully achieve financial close whilst establishing a South African supply chain within the increasing local content requirements

Social economic empowerment (SEE)
Discuss the challenges and realise the benefits of SEE, and how to build productive relationships that support a successful long term plan with our government level panel helping you bridge the gap between business benefit and access to energy

Cost reduction within a volatile currency
Learn what types of contract are now available, consider their risks and benefits and how to adjust them for competitiveness to drive down the cost of your project

Lessons learned from previous projects
Discuss recurring issues and new challenges faced during project delivery so you can obtain the competitive edge when it comes to overcoming problems

Who will be at the Summit?

100+ highest level executives are set to come together at South Africa’s largest collection of wind professionals.

Key sectors in attendance include:

Project Developers


Engineering Consultants

Central & Provincial Government Officials


Debt & Equity Investors

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Key Research Institutes & Universities

Industrial Trade Bodies, Chambers of Commerce & Associations

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Mar 102014


Da Vinci – The Genius Exhibition is coming to Johannesburg. This remarkable exhibition provides a fascinating insight into the mind of a genius. The exhibition shows the world-shattering scientific and artistic principles Leonardo discovered that are truly awe-inspiring. Finishing on the 23rd of March in Cape Town, the Da Vinci – The Genius exhibition moves to The Amazing Place in Woodmead, Sandton from the 2nd of April 2014.


Mar 042014

The Coal Transportation Africa Summit will be held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand on the 8th and 9th of April. South Africa is ranked  in the top ten in the world for its’ large coal reserves and  being one of the largest coal exporters. However, many challenges still hinder coal transportation capacity ranging from infrastructure, investment and regulatory constraints. This conference will bring stakeholders together from across Southern Africa to discuss current successes and challenges within coal transportation across rail, sea and land.



  • Transporting coal from port to pit seamlessly
  • Tackling South Africa’s coal transportation challenges and  emerging opportunities within the global market
  • The importance of regional cooperation for coal transport solutions for a landlocked country
  • Engaging parastatals and government departments to ensure the timeous and swift movement of coal
  • Addressing the regulatory landscape in South Africa with respect to coal
  • Leveraging on new technology to facilitate the transport of coal
  • Comparing South Africa and other emerging coal exporters in Africa
  • Considering PPP as a way to speed up investment in rail infrastructure


Transport Managers
Chief Executive Officers
Head Of Infrastructure
Supply Chain Managers
Service Delivery Mangers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Financial Officers
Inventory Managers
Head Of Logistics
Head Of Supply Chain
Head Of Inventory
Head Of Commercial
Port Managers
Rail Managers
Managing Directors
Head Of Marketing
Chief Procurement Officers

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Feb 242014

The Contesting Freedoms: A Colloquium on post-1994 music studies conference will be held at the Unisa Main Campus in Pretoria on 27 and 28 March. South Africa celebrates twenty years of democracy in 2014, and this is an appropriate time for discussion and reflection on the complex new challenges that have emerged in the field of music studies since 1994. These are the result of many changes, including institutional realignments and mergers, the revision of curricula to reflect the democracy and cultural diversity, new key agendas in ethnomusicology and musicology, the emergence of scholarship that is self-reflexive and responsive to contexts of reception and production, a rethinking of issues of ethnicity and indigenization, the foregrounding of identity politics, and reflections on the nature of the responsibilities and roles as creators and scholars.



There have also been repeated calls for the study of the music itself, the preservation of the conservatory cultural system, and the need to respect the autonomy and control of institutions and individuals. These diverse and often contrasting positions have resulted in a series of conflicts and controversies both internal to institutions and evident at educational forums, published work and conferences. This colloquium reflects on the ways in which these freedoms and tensions are negotiated in current music studies. Presentations were invited on the following themes:

  • The challenges, development and process of transformation at South African music departments
  • Transparency and accountability in higher education in music
  • Africanization and the identification of indigenous knowledge systems
  • Musical autonomy and the music itself
  • Institutionalized power and authoritarianism
  • Intimidation, censorship and academic freedom
  • Academic integrity and ethics
  • Critical musicology and the role of critique
  • The role of interdisciplinary music studies
  • Technology and the reshaping of the academic landscape

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Feb 172014

The First Africa Photovoltaic Solar Energy Exhibition and Conference  will take place from the 27th to the 29th of March 2014 in Durban, South Africa. Solar Photovoltaic Electricity is an essential source of energy to meet the rapidly growing demand of energy in Africa, which can not be met by traditional sources alone.

Solar Power Thermal Conference


AfricaPVSEC is a new initiative partnering SNEC, EU and PVSEC for exchange and promotion in the photovoltaic solar energy sector to bring together leading public authorities, experts, , NGOs researchers, representatives of international organizations, donors.

The conference will be held at the International Convention Centre in Durban which is a world class conference facility. Versatility and flexibility are the main factors in the design of this state-of-the-art technology-driven centre.

The first Africa PVSEC highlights the fact that there is not only a rapidly growing African scientific community in the area of solar photovoltaic power generation but that the installation of solar photovoltaic electricity generation systems is accelerating in many African countries.

Africa PVSEC is aimed as an international platform to discuss and offer the latest scientific results as well as to network amongst each other and increase the visibility towards policy and manufacturing stakeholders. For this reason,  the conference programme has three main topics, which cover the wide spectrum of photovoltaics ranging from fundamental material research to business and policy assessments.

Focus on

  • Extension and development of solar photovoltaic in Africa
  • Transfer of appropriate technologies to the African context
  • Development of business and trade linkages between African professionals and their counterparts in the world
  • Extension programs, projects and achieving goals internationally, regionally and nationally and internationally
  • Increased potential for use and exploitation of solar photovoltaic
  • Positioning of the Africa continent
  • Promotion of processes, equipment and systems
  • Exchange of information and ideas among organizations, professionals, promotion and government agencies
  • Business relationship between professionals to establish partnership agreements, technical, commercial or business
  • Promotion of investment


  • Exhibitors organizations and companies involved in the different sectors of the solar photovoltaic and renewable energy sector:
  • Photovoltaic solar systems
  • Thermal solar systems
  • Manufacturing and distribution of energy/Energy saving
  • Research and development
  • Services and organizations
  • NGOs working in the sector
  • Investors

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Feb 062014

The greatest challenge as an industry is to consider mining activities and keeping the environmental impact in mind. Top mineral producers have been fined for complying with the requirements that are in line with the MPRDA and the NEMA. The ITC (Intelligence Transfer Centre) is hosting the Fourth Annual Enviro Mining Conference on 26 and 27 March 2014 at the Gallagher Estate in Midrand Johannesburg.


Confirmed speakers at the conference include Honourable Deputy Minister- MP, Rejoice Mabudafhasi, DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL & WATER AFFAIRS, who will be speaking on “Looking at the key aspects of waste disposal while ensuring compliance and investigating the social impact poor waste management has on mine communities”.

Director of Mine Closure, Reuben Masenya and Director of Environmental Management, Kgauta Mokwena of the DEPARTMENT OF MINERAL RESOURCES, will be speaking on; “Dissecting the DMR’s expectations for environmental mining, reporting and compliance.”

Director General, Neliswa Magubane, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, will be speaking on; “Guaranteeing and managing energy supply on mining operations and evaluating renewable energy.”

Key industry speakers will be providing expert knowledge concerning issues such as:

  • Anticipating liability for closure to minimise risk
  • Good corporate governance and compliance in relation to the MPRDA and NEMA
  • Adequately financing for mine closure and rehabilitation
  • Sustainable community livelihood development and land use management as part of integrated environmental management
  • An update of current criminal liability offenses and enforcement
  • Breaking down the process of obtaining authorisation for your environmental projects
  • Ensuring that your projects are sustainable when rehabilitating or going into a mine closure state
  • Evaluating the guidelines to obtaining your Water Use License in time


  • Mine Manager
  • Geologists
  • Legal Advisors
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Mine Surveyor
  • Mine Supervisor
  • Mineral Resource Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Environmental Director/ Manager
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Finance Risk Managers

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Feb 042014

The Lean Principles in Maintenance and Asset Management Conference at the Gallagher Estate Convention Centre in Midrand will be held on 18 and 19 March. Due to the current economic status, companies are forced to work harder, as well as reduce potential waste. The current business trend shows that effective asset management and lean maintenance eliminates waste and in turn provides financial rewards and increased productivity.



In many industries,  the lack of preventative, routine, emergency or planned maintenance can have life threatening consequences and not only harm your clients or employees but destroy your reputation in the long term.

Keynote address by Nonkululeko Sindane, Director General, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE who
was awarded the “Lean Institute Africa Diamond Award 2012” will form part of the unrivaled speaker faculty.


  • The advantages of embracing change and creating a lean thinking organisation
  • Understanding the role of an asset management model and the advantages of applying it within your organisation
  • Looking at what an asset management model will do for your organisation in the long term
  • Exploring Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata as a possible solution within the Health Sector
  • Implementing Lean Sigma project
  • A practical guide for implementing ISO 55000 and alignment with other standards
  • Problem solving in the case of unscheduled breakdowns
  • An overview of the ISO 55000 suite of standards
    Looking at the lean journey of Department of Justice and steps taken resulting in an award winning department


Atomised Maintenance teams
Senior Mechanical engineers
Industrial Engineers
Process Engineers
Asset Managers and Directors
Logistics and Supply Chain Directors
Liability engineers
Development Directors
Corporate Services Managers
Operations Managers
TPM coordinators
Administration Managers
Finance Director
General Managers
Maintenance IT team
Business Strategists
Lean Office pillar leaders
Risk advisory Directors

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Jan 302014

The inaugural Iron Ore Beneficiation Africa Conference has been announced to take place on the 17-18 March 2014 at the Indaba Hotel & Conference Centre in Johannesburg. Following the continuing success of IMM’s Africa Iron Ore conference held in June each year, IMM is delighted to add this technical conference to the 2014 IMM portfolio.



Offering delegates a deep dive into the technical considerations for Iron Ore beneficiation; this leading industry event will examine the key factors for improving the processing of magnetite and high impurity iron ore deposits and offer insight into the recent beneficiation projects and latest technological developments.

A must attend event for exploration managers, engineers, metallurgists, geologists, technology leaders, R&D and business support managers and those working in the steel and mining industry and executives wanting to know more about this hot topic for the resources industry.

Key topics include:

  • Beneficiation technological developments
  • Opportunities for South African  iron ore beneficiation
  • Developing & implementing infrastructure for the ore body
  • Ore characterization methods
  • Case studies & updates on current beneficiation projects
  • Project investment and funding

Your opportunity to learn about the technologies and processes that will play a vital role in unlocking the benefit of lower grade iron deposits for the steel and mining industry.

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Jan 282014

The 5th Annual Intelligence Strategies for Law Enforcers will be held at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria on the 12th and 13th of March 2014.

Crime Prevention


It is obvious that crime has a significant impact on the economy, influencing the number of investors to the country.  The Minister of Public Service and Administration announced the launch of the new Anti-Corruption  Bureau, stressing that government will be  cleaning their own house before looking at any other crimes. Meanwhile, SAPS states that crime is under control. It is clear through ITC research  that no matter how many agencies launch we will never have a firm grip on corruption and crime. It is only through counterintelligence and intelligence thinking that we can fight crime.


  • Examining Cyber Intelligence Security
  • Looking At The Current Commercial Crime Statistics And Environment
  • An Intelligence Led Approach In Combating Corruption Committed
  • Guiding Successful Prosecution Through Intelligence Thinking
  • Identity Theft Highlighting
  • Update On The DNA Bill
  • Professional Skepticism
  • Driving The DNA Bill To Successful Convictions
  • Promoting Exchange Of Information And Collaboration Across Border  And Provincial Lines
  • The Power Of SANDF Military Police In The Prevention Of Crime In The Department Of Defence
  • Flushing Out  The Enemy Within Your Departments


  • Information’s Managers
  • Warrant Officers
  • Financial Directors
  • Security Managers
  • Investigators
  • Legal Officers
  • Legal Compliance Officers
  • Investigating Officers
  • Treasurers
  • Managing Directors
  • Fraud Examiners
  • Researchers
  • Inspectors
  • Risk Officers
  • Crime Analyst
  • Staff Officers

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Jan 242014

The 8th annual Risk & Return conference will take place in Cape Town  at the Mount Nelson Hotel on 12-14 March 2014.



The two day conference has become the annual event of choice for almost 200 industry professionals, and It is the premier event to be at if you are seeking to explore the latest investment strategies, improve your risk management techniques, and getting to grips with fundamental regulatory changes.

At Risk & Return South Africa you will gain valuable contacts with your industry peers and will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered by almost 30 local and international speakers.

Key themes for 2014:

  • Latest trends in asset management
  • Forward-looking risk management strategies
  • Liquidity risk management
  • Macro-economic developments
  • Credit portfolio management
  • Regulatory insights
  • Global asset class valuations and economic outlook
  • OTC derivatives clearing reforms
  • Global monetary policies
  • Evolving role of the CRO

2014 KEYNOTE speakers include:

Daniel Mminele, Deputy Governor, SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK

David Suetens, Executive Vice President and International Chief Risk Officer, STATE STREET CORPORATION

Who Should Attend?

  • Investment banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurers
  • Asset and investment managers
  • Rating agencies
  • Consultancies
  • Technology providers
  • Retail banks
  • Regulators
  • Pension providers

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