Feb 172014

The First Africa Photovoltaic Solar Energy Exhibition and Conference  will take place from the 27th to the 29th of March 2014 in Durban, South Africa. Solar Photovoltaic Electricity is an essential source of energy to meet the rapidly growing demand of energy in Africa, which can not be met by traditional sources alone.

Solar Power Thermal Conference


AfricaPVSEC is a new initiative partnering SNEC, EU and PVSEC for exchange and promotion in the photovoltaic solar energy sector to bring together leading public authorities, experts, , NGOs researchers, representatives of international organizations, donors.

The conference will be held at the International Convention Centre in Durban which is a world class conference facility. Versatility and flexibility are the main factors in the design of this state-of-the-art technology-driven centre.

The first Africa PVSEC highlights the fact that there is not only a rapidly growing African scientific community in the area of solar photovoltaic power generation but that the installation of solar photovoltaic electricity generation systems is accelerating in many African countries.

Africa PVSEC is aimed as an international platform to discuss and offer the latest scientific results as well as to network amongst each other and increase the visibility towards policy and manufacturing stakeholders. For this reason,  the conference programme has three main topics, which cover the wide spectrum of photovoltaics ranging from fundamental material research to business and policy assessments.

Focus on

  • Extension and development of solar photovoltaic in Africa
  • Transfer of appropriate technologies to the African context
  • Development of business and trade linkages between African professionals and their counterparts in the world
  • Extension programs, projects and achieving goals internationally, regionally and nationally and internationally
  • Increased potential for use and exploitation of solar photovoltaic
  • Positioning of the Africa continent
  • Promotion of processes, equipment and systems
  • Exchange of information and ideas among organizations, professionals, promotion and government agencies
  • Business relationship between professionals to establish partnership agreements, technical, commercial or business
  • Promotion of investment


  • Exhibitors organizations and companies involved in the different sectors of the solar photovoltaic and renewable energy sector:
  • Photovoltaic solar systems
  • Thermal solar systems
  • Manufacturing and distribution of energy/Energy saving
  • Research and development
  • Services and organizations
  • NGOs working in the sector
  • Investors

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