Oct 232013

The ICEE/ICIT conference is devoted to various aspects of future cross-regional collaboration in (ICT) for research and education. The conference emphasizes the development of international partnerships in research and education and serves as a forum for discussing future projects and establishing new contacts. This conference will be held 8th to 12th December at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.


A broad range of areas are covered:

Technology for sustainable development

  • University-community Engagement
  • Best Practices in Service Learning
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • ICT4D Research and Practice
  • Collaboration and Service Innovation
  • Development Services and Infrastructure
  • Efficacy of FOSS Deployment
  • Social Media and Development

Technology Education

  • Innovations in e-Learning
  • Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education
  • Technology-moderated Training Approaches
  • Social Impact of Technology-driven Education
  • International Cooperation in ICT and/or Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education in the Information Age
  • Modes and Methods in ICT and/or Engineering Education

Engineering Design and Technology

  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Design in ICT and/or Engineering Practice
  • Innovative ICT and/or Engineering Approaches
  • The Efficacy of Engineering, Design and Technology Projects
  • Agile Methods in Competitive Systems Development
  • Engineering, Design and Technology for Developing Countries

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